Thursday, August 13, 2009

Awek seksi gerdik

So far you might be wondering where are the awek seksi pictures? Or the awek comel pictures? Let's just be a little more patient alright.

So far I have manage to get this blog index in 2 days. So far so good. The key to getting your blog index fast is to incorporate some simple SEO technique which I have learned over time. It is important that your very first post in your blog consist of your keyword in the blog post. Furthermore incorporate the you keyword as a backlink in your blog first paragraph. Repeat those steps for a couple of times for the next couple of post.

You will be surprise how such little changes to a blog makes a lot of difference in the coming weeks or months. Once your blog appears on google search, expect an increase of traffic. You'll be amaze what organic traffic can do for your blog. Just imagine if you get 1000 unique visitor per day. I am not talking about page views, but unique visitors. Just imagine 1000 people visiting your blog everyday on the term awek seksi gerdik.

What do you do with this visit? Monetize it of course. The more people that drop by your blog, the more chances that someone will click on something. And that something could be money. Don't you want to make money with your blog? Everyone dream about being the next John Chow. I would love to be him.

It might be too late for me now as the competition to earn money online is stiff. There are just too many people that have been in this game for the longest time. It's hard to compete against them. However if you manage to find your niche that is unique and not used, go ahead and capitalize on it. Who knows you might be a future millionaire.

As of this moment i have already found my niche which is awek seksi and hope to rank well on the SERPS. Oh yeah one more thing, don't worry, the pictures of awek will eventually fill this blog. I just need to get more posting done first.


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